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American Frymaster 8SMS Pasta Electric Cooker

American Frymaster 8SMS Pasta Electric Cooker
American Frymaster 8SMS Pasta Electric Cooker
  • American Frymaster 8SMS Pasta Electric Cooker

Product Information

American Frymaster-8SMS Pasta electric cooker

Standard Features

Programmable timer controller

Large overflow drain

1-1/4" (3.2 cm) drain valve

Auto-fill/starch skimmer

Swing-away hot/cold rinse faucet

Stainless steel cookpot, door and cabinet

6" (15.2 cm) steel legs with 1" adjustment

Bulk pasta basket and option of portion cup rack with 24 portion cups or 3 round pasta baskets

Automatic timed basket lift (8SMS, 8BC, 17SMS and 17BC)

Frymaster-8SMS Pasta electric cooker


91.44 cm x 83.19 cm x 109.22 cm




8 KW


8-3/4 gal(33 liter



The Pasta Magic electric cookers incorporate all the features the industry has been looking for in a pasta cooker. Electronic, programmable controls make it easy to cook perfect pasta exactly as desired every time and do it all automatically and reliably. The electric cookers feature Frymaster's exclusive smooth-surfaced, easy-clean, touch-pad timer/controller and because it's electric it can be installed without hood venting in many markets.

The units are available in 8 kw or 17 kw of power, meaning faster preheat and recovery performance, which saves time and allows the operator to turn pasta orders faster.

To prevent boil-overs, the cookpot has the industry's largest overflow drain.This drain carries away any excess water that might be added to the cookpot and starch that might accumulate with repeated cooks. This large drain also reduces the time needed to drain the system and virtually eliminates the chance of clogs, which is common in pasta cookers with smaller drain openings.

An auto-fill/starch skimmer keeps the water level at the correct height and removes excess starch residue from the water's surface. There is no need for refills, so the water is ready to cook, saving energy and time.

Frymaster's automatic timer and basket lift features ensure precise cook times without constant monitoring.

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